60 min 80 min 100 min 120 min 140 min
Silver class 34,000yen 40,000yen 46,000yen 50,000yen 56,000yen
Gold class 36,000yen 42,000yen 48,000yen 52,000yen 58,000yen
Black class 40,000yen 50,000yen 60,000yen 70,000yen 80,000yen
Only High quality, good girls are in this store!
With a Pride of being high-class shop. 「We Promise to Deliver a Luxury Moment! 」

We passionately, our staff and girls are aiming to provide the top service for our customer to be able to fully enjoy using our shop.

Since open, we have not changed our motto.
To offer the best hospitality to our dear customer who followed the rules and use our service with comfort.

Currently registered girls are selected carefully for not just the appearance but also the inner good character.

Because of this our high-class shop can offer, comfort and a good mannered lady’s.

With ease of no registration fee and free transportation fee at all 23wards of Tokyo,
no additional fee other than what price we have set.

Because it’s a high-class escort shop, our staff are ready to meet the needs of our dear customers.
Not just mainly for the appearance of our girls, but with charm and genuine expression of our Hospitality.

Form the staff to our girls, we deliver a special moment of luxury to our dear customer.

※ All Pure Japanese girls
※ No discrimination
※ Although there is no full service but you can enjoy a Sumata
(A Japanese style service like a pussy job)
※ Free Transportation fee to all 23 wards in Tokyo
※ For Customers who could not speak Japanese

Explanation to our guidelines
beside the start session time, we would need about 1 hour time frame to guide you to finalized the reservation.

Request reservation from 23:00 to 24:00 time frame.
Receiving an inquiry at 22:00, our system will be able to guide you through a roughly above time. in case of delay, or able to provide earlier time, we will contact you for a confirmation.

For Customers who contact via Line or Email.
We would like you to Answer our Questionnaire after your session with our girl.

Coming soon...

Honoka (26)
T157cm B87(D) W57 H85

Shiina (27)
T168cm B84(D) W56 H84

Miho (22)
T170cm B93(C) W58 H86

Fuu (23)
T161cm B86(D) W57 H84

Hina (20)
T160cm B86(D) W56 H84

Kaho (26)
T160cm B90(G) W57 H86

Otoha (25)
T165cm B85(D) W57 H85

Natsume (21)
T155cm B95(G) W57 H86

Uta (23)
T157cm B85(C) W56 H84

Yuuri (24)
T150cm B88(E) W56 H85

Mei (20)
T160cm B86(C) W56 H85

Mako (25)
T158cm B83(C) W56 H84

Ritsu (20)
T160cm B83(B) W56 H85

Mitsuki (20)
T160cm B83(B) W56 H85

Shion (20)
T150cm B88(E) W56 H84

Ai (23)
T157cm B86(D) W56 H85

Ran (22)
T155cm B87(E) W56 H85

Ruka (23)
T150cm B84(D) W56 H83

Riana (24)
T152cm B84(D) W56 H84

Satsuki (21)
T162cm B89(F) W57 H86

Ako (22)
T166cm B93(G) W57 H86

Momo (24)
T157cm B95(G) W57 H85

Kanae (21)
T155cm B98(I) W57 H85

Natsumi (27)
T166cm B98(G) W59 H86

Ao (26)
T164cm B86(D) W57 H87

Yuki (24)
T160cm B90(E) W57 H85

Naomi (25)
T170cm B87(E) W56 H84

Arisu (21)
T161cm B84(C) W56 H84

Kotori (19)
T163cm B85(D) W56 H85

Mirei (23)
T155cm B96(G) W57 H86

Nanami (23)
T165cm B83(C) W56 H85

Erika (25)
T160cm B89(F) W57 H84

MARIA (27)
T158cm B89(F) W55 H84

Yukari (23)
T155cm B93(G) W58 H86

Mai (27)
T165cm B94(G) W57 H85

Sayaka (23)
T160cm B92(G) W57 H85

An (25)
T152cm B88(E) W58 H85

Yuzu (27)
T156cm B89(F) W57 H85

Sakuya (26)
T170cm B89(F) W56 H84

Aika (24)
T162cm B83(B) W56 H84

Honoka (26)
T157cm B87(D) W57 H85

Aki (24)
T160cm B88(E) W57 H86

Misaki (26)
T162cm B87(D) W56 H85

Chii (22)
T155cm B90(G) W57 H84

Kurumi (24)
T161cm B98(I) W58 H87

Tina (23)
T160cm B83(B) W56 H85

Saori (22)
T156cm B88(E) W56 H84

Haduki (26)
T154cm B89(E) W57 H86